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INTER GHPS DEBATE COMPETITION, Inter GHPS Debate Competition was held at Vasant Vihar on 16th May 2018, GHPS Nanak Piao won First Position amongst all the GHPS branches, Individual Position- First Position Karandeep Singh (Class X) and Second position Balmukand (Class X) Date: 24-05-2018
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COUNSELLING is an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between counsellor and the client that leads a change in the client in one or more of these areas-
1. Behaviour (decision making, relationship skill etc.)
2. Belief (thinking, attitudes etc.)
3. Level of emotional distress (uncomfortable feeling, reactivity to stress)

'MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL' and the efficacy and success of the process of socialization depend upon productive behavior, rational belief and balanced level of emotional expression. It's the meaningful and harmonious socialization, which leads to positive self-realization which, paves the path for self-actualization and ultimately results in a well-adjusted persona. Counselling deals with prevention and cure of any behavior, belief or emotion which might or which is causing distress and maladjustment in various domains of life- family, school, college, Job etc. So counselling is needed to facilitate adjustment of human beings in their social set up, so that they can utilize their abilities and potentials at the most and have a happy and harmonious living.

During the counsellors' training she carries out an in-depth study (along with hands-on practical experience) of the scientific theories (put forward by research psychologists), which explain various cognitive processes (thinking, memory, learning, perception, problem solving, decision making) that account for the basis of intricate human thought and action.

Besides the theoretical and practical experience of the subject matter it becomes essential and imperative for a counsellor to develop certain personality traits like-empathy (in place of sympathy), ability to individualize every case (against generalization), exercise mutual credibility and trustworthiness (to ensure full honesty in counselling relationship).

A counsellor works on the premise that every person faces difficulties in normal functioning of day to day life. When this difficulty starts causing mental stress and starts hampering day to day functioning, then it is time to strengthen one to solve his/her problem himself/herself and also prepares one to face the problem again if it reoccurs in future

Our children now a day are living in society, which is going through a transition phase. There are conflicts every where - conventional methods of study are under scrutiny, subject choices are manifold, job options are numerous, parental expectations are surmounting, media imposes new conflicts in front of them everyday in terms of personal dos-don'ts.

No doubt school going children at one or the other phases have always been facing one or more of these conflicts but first it's the extent and severity of these conflicts which is more today. Secondly, it is the increasing dirth of emotional support in family (due to so called generation gap - non understanding parents, due to lack of qualitative and quantitative time spent with parents-both parents working).

In this present scenario it becomes imperative for schools to take extra care of students' behavioural , cognitive and emotional needs at all stages. After all, it is the spread of education and not only literacy, which is the aim of the school. Education at all stages involves overall personality development--- academic, emotional, moral, mental and physical.

A counsellor in the school helps students to help themselves in all domains of their life -academic, emotional, personality development, interpersonal relationships, choice of subject and career. her most of the time is spent in planning their educational, vocational and personal futures. This not a single activity but touches lives of all students. The functions of a school counsellor can be enumerated as follows-

1.Orientation of new students - This is the first step towards reducing the adjustment anxiety of new students. They are familiarized with school environment in an informal and friendly group interaction.

2.Students Appraisal-In order to understand a student and help him/her to develop a better understanding of self, information on various aspects of his personality is gathered. This includes information about his/her family, interest, abilities and general behaviour pattern. This is collected from various sources like parents, friends, and psychological tests.

3.Educational and Occupational information- The counsellor provides knowledge about different careers and jobs-their nature and scope.

4.Counselling-The counsellor helps the students to understand and accept themselves as individuals. They are helped to cope with stresses and to make decisions.

5.Research and evaluation-From time to time surveys are done to understand the working of various variables (teacher, students, and parents) and their mutual interaction patterns. After evaluation of the surveys results, if required new methods are incorporated in the system.

In this section, some areas of difficulty and their probable suggestive ways of handling, will be presented periodically. The solution put forward pertains to the particular case being discussed which will change if the background (in terms of family history and personality) changes.

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