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INTER GHPS DEBATE COMPETITION, Inter GHPS Debate Competition was held at Vasant Vihar on 16th May 2018, GHPS Nanak Piao won First Position amongst all the GHPS branches, Individual Position- First Position Karandeep Singh (Class X) and Second position Balmukand (Class X) Date: 24-05-2018
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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference Winston Churchill
Today, life is moving at a jet pace. Students at times find it hard to cope up with it so theyfalter and fail. Thus the need of the hour is to guide them and help them to develop a positive attitude towards their life and education.
It has been rightly said that 85% of our success depends on our attitude and behaviour. Attitude can not be taught but can only be inculcated through Positive Thinking. This right attitude and the habit of having a positive out look is the basic education imparted at Guru Harkrishan Public School, Nanak Piao. The study-and knowledge of `Gurbani is given to our students with the sole motive to help them to be truthful and earnest in their actions and words. It also ensures fairness and honesty and integrity in all aspects of life. In the true Sikh essence they are encouraged to be sensitive to the sufferings of others, developing empathy and behaving in the highest ideals of simple living and high thinking along with progressive and scientific thinking and above all being a true human being.
It is indeed a matter of great pride that Guru Harkrishan Public Schools are not only inculcating a cognitive atmosphere for academics but also true values as taught by our revered Gurus. So, let us join hands to be the crusaders to revive the schools glory of yester years and have the school banner flying high.



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